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At Dakota Insurance Group, our insurance consultant's goal is to provide you with the right Property coverage to protect you and your business.  We help you understand how each coverage works and recommend the right protection for each client. 
Commercial property business insurance protects the future of your business and the substantial investments and assets involved with your operations.  Whether you own your building, lease your premises or work from home, commercial property insurance can be tailored to protect all your physical assets against loss or damage from a variety of causes including fire, theft, smoke, water and vandalism.  Commercial property insurance also protects you as a renter—against law suits that could arise due to something you are alleged to have done, or not done and should have, that damages the building you rent.

  • How much Business Property should my business carry? 
  • If I own the building do I need Business Property? 
  • If I lease space, do I need Business Property Insurance? 

All these questions will be answered and a tailored plan will be created for you.  Contact Dakota Insurance today for a no-obligation consultation and learn how we can develop your individual plan.

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